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Legislation: tinted front and rear windows are not prohibited

Since 2017, the entry into force of Article 27 of Decree no. 2016-448 of April 13, 2016 has framed the installation of tinted film on car windows. In fact, this recommends choosing a tinted film that allows at least 70% of visible light to pass through.

Our two-tone kits Variance Auto allow you to equip your car with peace of mind, so make the most of it!

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PPF for cars and motorcycles: An invisible, effective protective film for your bodywork.

To prevent damage to your brand-new (or like-new) car bodywork, this film will protect your paintwork from scratches and minor impacts. Whether conventional or self-healing, you'll be able to drive with greater peace of mind in the face of road hazards.

This film also works perfectly as Paint protection film for motorcycles. Whether as a complete kit, individually or by the linear metre, find the right PPF for your motorcycle or car.

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wrapping or wrapping: An excellent alternative to paint.

Go for wrapping car and wrapping motorcycle to give your bodywork a new lease of life. Vary styles, colors, textures and effects, for a unique look that will set you apart on the road.

Our self-adhesive films wrapping are accessible to all, and you can install them yourself. Choose from our brands Variance Auto3M and Avery Dennison.

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Headlamp films: style and allure right down to your car's headlamps.

Classic or colorful? Add a designer touch to your headlamps with tinted headlamp films. As far as regulations are concerned, headlamp films are authorized. However, you must ensure that they are visible from at least 100m on the road.

We recommend a lighter shade for the front lights.

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Your custom-made thermoformed tinted window kit

For personalized service, choose the right kit for your vehicle!

Your tinted window kit is cut and thermoformed to fit your car's windows perfectly. With the tinted film kit concept, receive your own custom-made tinted films for your car. .

The complex steps of tinted glass installation are carried out in our French workshop to offer you a ready-to-install kit with an easy and quick application. Do it yourself!

Our ranges

The different tinted window kits

Whatever the range, all our kits follow the same manufacturing process: cutting and thermoforming of the films to size.


Exclusive know-how

Stages carried out in our workshops


To the exact dimensions of your vehicle by our high precision cutting table


Directly on the glass to match the curve of the glass

Ready to be installed

Easy to install

No folds, no bubbles and in record time

  • 100% made to measure Made to order

  • Delivery in 48/72 hours Free for Premium kits

Our advice

Install your own tinted windows

The installation of tinted windows is greatly facilitated by custom-made tinted films. tinted films. Enter the make and model of your vehicle and receive your custom-made tinted films for your car.

First of all, the solar films are cut to the exact dimensions of the with the help of a high-precision cutting table and over 4000 vehicle templates in our database. in a database. This database is regularly updated so that you can order a tinted window kit for your vehicle, from the oldest to the newest. Next, the tinted films go to the thermoforming stage. This process consists of heating the film so that it perfectly matches the curve of the window to be fitted. We have a large number of rear windows in stock to thermoform on the original windows and guarantee the best quality. and guarantee the best quality. The film cutting and thermoforming process and thermoforming process makes it much easier for you to fit your car with solar film by by carrying out the 2 complex steps in our workshop.

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Our strengths

The advantages of tinted window kits

The tinted window kits from Variance Auto are made from professional quality solar film known for its effectiveness. The installation of tinted film greatly improves the comfort of the driver and passengers for a smooth car trip.

Protect yourself from heat and UV

Protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays with solar films for cars. By rejecting up to 66% of the sun's energy, you can maintain a pleasant temperature in your car, even in hot weather. This reduces the feeling of suffocation when you enter a vehicle that has been in the sun for several hours. This reduces the need for air conditioning and thus your fuel consumption - good news for your wallet. In addition to protection against heat, the solar car film rejects 99% of UV rays. This helps to prevent premature ageing and certain skin diseases caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays. This UV barrier greatly limits the discolouration of your car's interior so that it retains the brilliance of its original colours.

Preserve your privacy

Keep your passengers out of sight with the tinted window kit. The tinted film, which allows little light to pass through (depending on the tint chosen), makes the passenger compartment truly invisible from the outside. The play of light balances allows you to see outside without being seen. A wide field of vision is thus maintained for safe driving. The installation of tinted windows is ideal for concealing your personal and professional belongings and thus reducing the risk of carjacking (consisting of breaking a car window to steal what is inside). Professionals, you can transport your equipment and goods without fear.

Reinforce your glazing

The installation of a tinted glass kit on your windows improves the safety of your car. The film effectively solidifies the glass and thus delays break-ins. Reinforced glass protects you for longer against external aggression. For example, it takes longer for an intruder to break a window equipped with security film. Even if the glass is broken, the film holds back the pieces of glass so that in the event of a break-in or accident, no one in the car is injured by the flying glass.

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