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Headlight tinted film, very dark grey

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Cutting to size

50 cm


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  • High quality 70 microns
  • Ideal rear lights
  • Transparent black color
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The commitments Variance Auto

  • Cut to size

  • Professional quality film

  • Careful packaging

  • Shipment within 24 hours

Detailed description

Tinted film for your car: a real improvement in comfort

Want to give your car an original touch? Install a tinted headlight film on your car's headlights now!

Once the film is applied, the light will diffuse evenly and durably in outdoor applications for 7 years. This film has a black tint, but due to its transparency it gives a rather grey look. We invite you to order a free sample for testing.

The composition of this flagship tinted film, as well as the presence of "air free" technology, will provide you with unparalleled installation comfort! Thermoformable and very flexible, the film will adapt to the most curved optics. You can even use it on the curved polycarbonate windows of motor homes.

We recommend that you apply this car headlight tinting film dry, and avoid porous, painted, dirty or soft surfaces. Always make sure to clean the surface thoroughly before application, otherwise the adhesion of the car headlight tinting film may be compromised.The recommended application temperature is between 10-28°C. For maintenance, use water or non-abrasive detergents with a clean, soft cloth to avoid scratching. If pressurized water is used for cleaning, never direct the jet towards the edges of the film as the force of the water could lift it or detach it. However, the nozzle should be perpendicular and never oblique to the surface to be cleaned and at least 1 meter away. This lighthouse tinted film has a glossy finish, if you don't take care of it, it could become dull and scratchy.

Note: French high beam lighting regulations require that headlights continue to illuminate at least 100 meters away. Variance Auto declines all responsibility for the misuse of these tinted headlight films.

Installation tip: on this product, remember to remove the TWO protective liners: the white liner at the back (which acts as a support) + the transparent liner at the front (which protects the film).
Data sheet

Concept: Die-cut film for headlights

The beauty of a vehicle lies in its aesthetic details. For a light touch that's both sporty and chic, choose tinted headlamp film. In addition to aesthetic appeal, headlamp film provides impact protection to keep your headlamps looking like new. It also reduces the glare of your headlights for other road users. On average, 2.5 meters of film are required for a pair of headlights, but we recommend that you take measurements to be sure. This pro range is dry-fitted like a wrapping.

Find out how to apply tinted headlight film from our pro range!

Installation instructions

The brand Variance Auto

Variance Auto

Variance Auto is specialized for more than 10 years in the manufacture of tinted window kits. We offer, among other things, pre-cut and thermoformed solar film made to measure. Variance Auto is above all a team of enthusiasts and experts in the world of cars, who will be able to answer your questions and offer you the product adapted to your needs for your tinted windows. In order to guarantee your satisfaction, we do our best to offer you professional quality products at the best price!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you install tinted window kits?

    Our tinted window kits are designed so you can install them yourself. That's why they're pre-cut and thermoformed to fit your vehicle model. So you don't have to go to a professional 😉

    To discover our installation tutorials, go to this article!

  • Are tinted windows legal?

    For front windows, there are regulations. For rear windows, there are none. 

    The legally authorized reference for front windows is Extrême Clair 70 (the lightest tint we offer). 

    If you want to know more, we explain the regulations in detail in this article.

  • Are tinted window films pre-cut?

    Yes, all tinted window kits are pre-cut and thermoformed to suit your car model.

    Please note: some cut-outs are not supplied as standard: windshield wipers, mirrors, sun visors, etc... To obtain them, please specify them in the "comments" space just before confirming your order.

    If you order by the linear meter, the film will not be pre-cut.

  • What is thermoforming used for?

    Thermoforming makes it easier to apply the film to the glass. By thermoforming (i.e. "heating") a film, it is molded onto its substrate.

    To recognize thermoformed film, you'll notice that it has a slightly "crumpled" appearance. Once installed, this effect will no longer be noticeable.

    Thermoforming is carried out by us when you order a tinted window kit. If you buy tinted film by the linear meter, you'll have to do the thermoforming and cutting yourself.

  • I'm not sure which tinted window kit to choose: what should I do?

    If you're not sure which model to choose, or if you need advice, please contact our sales department directly by filling in this form.

    You will need to send photos of the vehicle concerned with the windows clearly visible.

  • How do I remove my tinted window film?

    If you want (or need) to remove tinted window film, it's perfectly possible. Just follow the instructions in this article.

    The secret: Materials, patience and attention to detail, just like when laying 😉

  • My vehicle model is not listed. How can I find it?

    First, you can contact our sales department, indicating the make, model and year of the vehicle you're looking for. Sometimes we may have access to a kit not yet listed on the site.

    Alternatively, you can order tinted window film by the cut here. Simply enter your glass dimensions in the configurator, or order by the linear meter and make the cuts yourself.

See other frequently asked questions : FAQ Tinted windows - FAQ Wrapping - FAQ Paint protection film - FAQ Headlight film

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