Tailor-made for your car

In just a few years, Variance Auto has become the expert in custom-made solar films for your car, making the installation of tinted windows accessible to as many people as possible.

Each kit is made to order according to your specifications:

  • Make, model and type of vehicle
  • Windows to be fitted
  • Colour of the adhesive film

Thanks to our database of car window sizes and our large stock of rear windows and windows in our workshop, we are able to design bespoke solar film kits for a wide range of vehicles: from the smallest to the largest and from the oldest to the newest.

Discover the manufacturing process of our custom-made solar film kits:

  • 1 Receipt of your order for one of the tinted window kits
  • 2 Cutting to the exact dimensions of your glass using a state-of-the-art flatbed table
  • 3 Thermoforming on the original glazing so that the tinted film follows the curve of the glass
  • 4 Careful packaging and fast shipping for receipt of the tinted window kit within 48 hours

Order my tailor-made kit

Our advisors are also available:

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