Proud to be driving in a beautiful utility vehicle

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    Customize your work tool with the multiple choices of wrapping and install the vinyl yourself

    Protect your bodywork from impacts or scratches related to construction sites by opting for a translucent protective film

    Protect your goods and objects from prying eyes by blacking out your windows

    Drive and park safely by attaching marker strips to your utility vehicle

Just because I drive a van doesn't mean it has to be ugly

Variance Auto is an online sales site for adhesive films that meet all the aesthetic and comfort requirements for commercial vehicles.


Photo credits: Unsplash, Freepik, Pexels, Istockphoto

I'm proud of my van!

In France, commercial vehicles are classified into 6 distinct categories:
- Vans
- Electric vans
- Medium vans
- Large vans
- Small trucks
- Pick-up and 4×4

Whatever it is, you can now customize them with branding or wrapping to have a work tool that reflects your image. It's not because you drive a utility vehicle that you can't be a car enthusiast and love beautiful models. Your car is too simple or you don't like it? Choose wrapping and customize it without limits!

You are a craftsman, a building professional, a contractor... and your daily work tool is your vehicle. It usually carries your goods, sometimes bulky, sometimes precious, that's why it is imperative to protect them from prying eyes so as not to tempt vandals!

Although your vehicle is robust, it is still vulnerable to scratches and impacts from everyday life, which unfortunately cannot always be avoided. For this reason, Variance Auto offers you tinted privacy films, which you can install yourself without going to the garage and without blowing your budget.

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