Protection and comfort for your passengers

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    Protect your passengers from the heat in summer with a custom tinted window kit

    Say no to scratches on the bodywork with the colorless anti-shock protection film

    Personalize your car to your image by choosing wrapping

Protect your family and your vehicle

Variance Auto is an online sales site for adhesive films that meet all the aesthetic and comfort requirements for family outings

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Style and comfort for my family: the family sedan!

Car passion and family agree on a car model that will suit both the practical side and the style, it is the sedan. Have you just bought your brand new car because your family is growing? Whether you've chosen a Tesla for its eco-friendly technology or a rugged Megane, the next step is to equip your vehicle to make it even more comfortable!

Already tinted or not, the original windows are not designed to protect from heat unlike our window kits which are specially designed to limit the heat in the cabin. Don't forget to respect the maximum tint of 30% at the front if you want to be in the regulation. The darker the film, the more effective it is against heat: your children will thank you.

After comfort, protection. Don't forget that a family car is subject to a lot of wear and tear, from children playing around to banging the door in the parking lot. Pamper your car and protect your bodywork with a translucent car protection film. Invisible, it creates a protective layer that prevents scratches and small bumps. The wrapping can also be used as a Paint protection film even if its primary use is customization.

Customize your family sedan without delay to make it unique thanks to wrapping auto! Stripes, retro, hood, total... Be proud to install your own wrapping that will make your car more sporty. The carbon effect is particularly used for the partial wrapping and good news, it is also used inside!

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