Travel independently with comfort and protection

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    Take to the road with peace of mind and long-lasting protection from the heat with the tinted glass kit

    Protect your van from the little mishaps of daily life with the film of Paint protection film

    A unique vehicle for all your trips thanks to wrapping

    Enhance the interior of your mobile home with easy-to-install adhesive flooring

Give comfort and style to your van

Variance Auto is an online sales site for adhesive films that meet all the aesthetic and comfort needs of vans and panel vans.


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Vanlife, more than a concept, it's a state of mind!

Gone are the big hotel complexes with 15 pools, hello nature and breathtaking spots!

The generation of "vanlifeurs" will tell you that it is another way of traveling and even of living.

The vanlife is to spend time in your van , to travel to the other side of the world or to make a tour in the Cantal, the principle is to take your time and travel in autonomy!

Moving in the vanlife way, it is also confronted with multiple problems such as theft, equipment, heat, water, mechanics... it must be said, it is better to be a little touch with everything!

Thanks to our selection of customization products (wrapping), protection (protective film) and comfort (tinted windows kit), we accompany all the "vanlifeurs " in their journey by trying to facilitate their life.

Be inspired by our customers #vanlife

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