Tesla: wrapping and tinted window kit

Customize your Tesla Model 3!

Tesla 3-4 with wrapping

You just became the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 or another series and you want to customize your little jewel?
Discover how you can completely customize your car with only 2 products available!

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Tesla Model S Tinted Window Kits - Ref 4736-TES

A Premium Ultra Clear in the front and a Medium in the back, this is our favorite combo! The Tesla model 3 doesn't have factory tinting on its windows so you can dress it up with a tinted window kit and still be legal. I want the same

Wrapping Cherry Black - H-8001

With its iridescent, almost metallic look, this cherry black changes shade according to the light for a superb rendering! Change the color of your Testla model 3 temporarily as you wish, without going through the paint process. I want the same

Tinted windows of a red Tesla

Tesla Tinted Glass Kits

Configure my kit

Model S, Model X, Model 3, ... select your model and take advantage of Tesla tinted films thermoformed and cut to size!

Wrapping black cherry of a Tesla

Wrapping Cherry Black H-8001

Wrapping Cutting

Opt for a do-it-yourself wrapping without having to call in a professional. A temporary solution that brings your wildest ideas to life!

Discover in video how to install wrapping and tinted windows on a Tesla!

Making of the installation of Wrapping and Tesla Tinted Glass Kit

Making of photo of the installation of Wrapping and Tesla Tinted Glass Kit

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