Marker film

The beaconing films Variance Auto are cut to size and applied directly to the body of your vehicle. Their traditional two-tone chevron look will fit on any part of your car, truck... with a main role of signalling. They will also make your vehicle more visible thanks to their retroreflective finish that acts at night.

  • Self-adhesive marker film, cut to size

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    Equip your car with a marker film!

    Whether you have a construction vehicle or a service vehicle, you should now equip it with marking tape. These are very useful and ensure the safety of all! Indeed, their main function is to signal your vehicle and make it visible by day and night in dangerous situations such as slow or very fast progress, on the hard shoulder or when stopped on the road.


What are the benefits of marker film?

The marker films fall into 2 categories:

  1. 1- Class A, which mainly concerns construction vehicles travelling at low and medium speeds (between 50 and 90km/h).
  2. 2- Class B, which is also intended for construction vehicles but which travel at higher speeds (50 to 130 km/h).

Beaconing films also have a long range and are visible both day and night thanks to their retroreflective side. Class A films have a visibility of 80-100 metres, while Class B films can be seen up to 500 metres!

Product quality

Drive with peace of mind with your marker film strips Variance Auto ! They are recognized and are very resistant with a lifespan of up to 7 years!
Their quality composition allows them to enjoy a great visibility day and night and thus become an essential element of road safety.

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    Excellent filmes de qualités. Ils sont très professionnels et arrangeant . L'expédition ce fait sans soucis et je souligne le fait que c'est très bien emballées . J'espère par la suite pouvoir faire un partenariat avec eux .

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    Envoie rapide et film bien protégé. Qualité du film est top

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    1st order successfully completed. Fast delivery.

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    Perfect delivered in two days, I just received it and installed it, it took me 3 hours to put it all in but the result is exceptional, no bubbles, perfect cut.

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    I liked the care taken to protect the product in the parcels Quick processing of my order

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    Good product Fast delivery

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