Protect your car during the heatwave!

Protect your car during the heatwave!

To save a few degrees and protect the passenger compartment.

The heatwave has swept across much of France this week, and we're feeling it. Everywhere we go, we hear advice about taking care of ourselves, staying hydrated and keeping cool in our homes.

Think of your car too! By applying tinted window film, you can protect your car from heat and fading.

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Anti-heat effect for car-86819

Anti-heat effect for cars

The principle is much the same as that of sun visors, but with a number of developments and additional benefits. Tinted window kits have the advantage of blocking the sun's heat-diffusing rays. Thanks to this reverberation system, you'll gain in thermal comfort inside the car.

To get an idea of thermal efficiency, you can look at the technical specifications on the product sheet. The second solution is to tell yourself that the darker it is, the more heat it will reject. Darker shades are therefore preferable if you're looking for a real temperature difference.

In milder weather, these heat-shielding films can even be used in place of air conditioning. So you can save on fuel!

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A car heat shield with other benefits-86820

A car heat shield with other benefits

In addition to reflecting heat outwards, the tinted window kit will look good and add style to your car. That's what makes it so different from conventional sun visors.

Last but not least, you'll be able to protect yourself while still having a view of the outside. It's much nicer for rear passengers 😉

An anti-uv effect to protect the passenger compartment-86821

Anti-uv effect to protect the passenger compartment

All our tinted window film kits are UV-resistant, even the clearest ones. UV rays are responsible for the deterioration of objects in the passenger compartment. Coverings, fabrics and exposed objects are all affected. They attack materials, causing discoloration and premature aging, among other things.

These solar rays also damage the skin, as they pass through the glass if unprotected. You're not immune to premature aging, just like sunbathers on the beach ;)

In hot weather, deterioration can come faster and harder. After all, the sun is always out, and it's beating down hard!

By opting for a front and rear tinted film kit, you protect your equipment and objects. So they'll last longer, and in better condition 😊

Heatwave tips for your car-86822

Tips for your car during the heatwave

In addition to preparing your windows, it's important toadopt a few habits in case of hot weather:

  • Park in the shade
  • Always take a bottle of water with you
  • Stop if you need to, especially if you feel hot
  • Close windows if you use air conditioning
  • Keep an eye on your engine's coolant levels. Engine temperatures can rise very quickly!
  • Don't forget to wash your car after the heatwave 

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