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Wrapping deep black 3D gloss car

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  • Product number : H-8031a

Cutting to size


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  • Finish: 3D thermoformable
  • Appearance: deep black glossy
  • Type of glue: airflow
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  • Texture
  • Range
  • Colour
  • Outdoor Durability
    Up to 6 years old
  • Film
    Multi-layer cast PVC
  • Uv Resistance
  • Adhesive
    Acrylic solvent, pressure sensitive, repositionable
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Thickness
    100 µ
  • Application Temperature
    Ideally between 20°C and 25°C
  • Elongation
  • Operating Temperature
    From -40°C to +90°C
  • Type Of Installation
  • Removal
    Easy removal with heat and/or chemical solution depending on the nature of the substrate

The commitments Variance Auto

  • Cut to size

  • Professional quality film

  • Careful packaging

  • Shipment within 24 hours

Detailed description

Tinted film for your car: a real improvement in comfort

A must-have, this black glossywrapping car will certainly please you with its ultra glossy rendering and its intense black tint! A real alternative to paint, it is easy to apply on all parts of your car after a good cleaning. For ease of application, we recommend that you use 2 people to apply it to large surfaces. The rendering will also be very satisfactory since this wrapping black has an "airflow" glue that allows air to escape easily during the application and reduce the presence of bubbles.

Important note: choose between a wrapping 2D or 3D ?

As a reminder, this film from wrapping has a 3D finish, which means that it is thermoformable. It is therefore sensitive to heat (heat gun or hair dryer), it is recommended in the installation of wrapping on any type of surface, flat to very curved! It is thus privileged for a total wrapping but also on partial wrapping like mirrors for example. Any doubt? Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information!

Data sheet

Concept : Film wrapping cut to size

Order your wrapping by the linear meter to equip your car as you wish. Available from 0,5 to 30 linear meters, you just have to determine the length you need to cover the part of the bodywork of your choice. Each wrapping is specially designed to resist on the bodywork and to be removed at any time without leaving any trace.

Installation instructions

The brand Variance Auto

Variance Auto

Variance Auto is specialized for more than 10 years in the manufacture of tinted window kits. We offer, among other things, pre-cut and thermoformed solar film made to measure. Variance Auto is above all a team of enthusiasts and experts in the world of cars, who will be able to answer your questions and offer you the product adapted to your needs for your tinted windows. In order to guarantee your satisfaction, we do our best to offer you professional quality products at the best price!

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  • *****

    21 août 2023


  • *****

    12 juin 2023

    Nickel and quality product

  • *****

    09 juin 2023

    Very good quality film

  • *****

    14 mai 2023

    I did a Wrapping on the door jambs but the result is really not great, a huge orange peel and the paper scratches very quickly.

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