Top 5 ideas for customizing your car for back-to-school!

Top 5 ideas for customizing your car for back-to-school!

A stylish start to the new school year!

The end of summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the fine weather and start the new school year with a stylish car.

Whether you're in the mood for total customization wrapping, partial customization wrapping or just personalizing your lights with car headlamp film, discover our selection of eye-catching ideas for the road!

#1 Put a film on your roof Paint protection film -86747

#1 Installing roofing film Paint protection film

The PPF film is becoming increasingly popular with car customization fans. This "Pain Protection Film" adhesive coating protects your bodywork from sunlight and scratches. When you invest in PPF film, you'll save on repair costs and keep your bodywork looking as good as new 😉

@ash_tcr44 tested the gloss black PPF on the roof of his Golf 7 GTI. And the result is top-notch!

He did the cleaning and fitting himself thanks to our tutorials and with the help of his brother to fit the wrapping together. All in all, a great family tuning experience 😁

On our website Variance Auto, you can request a kit from Paint protection film or a cut by the linear meter (if you need a large surface).

You can also put PPF on your lights to protect them from scratches and the sun 👍

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#2 Total Wrapping -86750

#2 Total Wrapping

The total wrapping, is the most popular solution and the most impressive to achieve 🔥 The before/after results are incredible! We see it every day with the realizations our customers share with us on the website and on the networks.

Less expensive and just as effective as paintwork, wrapping is the ideal solution if you want to take care of your car, pamper it and give it a facelift.

The price of a complete wrapping (without installation) can run into several hundred euros, depending on the model and type of wrapping you order. This solution, if you do the installation yourself, will cost you less than painting in a garage. 👍

Washing a car with wrapping couldn't be easier! If the adhesive film has been properly applied, you can take your car to a carwash and wash it with a karcher.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for sharing, you're doing great! 🤩

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#3 Make your own mirrors with wrapping -86748

#3 Make your mirrors out of wrapping

Customize your car's mirrors to add a touch of style!

For a much lower price than a total wrapping, you can customize this part of your car yourself, to make it unique.

For the wrapping rear-view mirror, we strongly recommend using a wrapping 3D. It's much easier to thermoform, and that's a big help when it comes to fitting it correctly. With heat, it will fit the curves of your mirrors perfectly.

See in the video below how we gave our customer Xavier's Renault Captur a makeover with our wrapping chameleon 3M. Simple and effective 😉

#4 Wrapping partial-86751

#4 Wrapping partial

You can apply a wrapping partially to give your car a unique pattern effect. We can see that it's always in fashion with the many wrapping camouflage and wrapping geometric patterns coming out on the internet 👍

For this type of project, we recommend that you first put the design you want on paper, and then either cut it to shape on the wrapping website, or apply cutting wires to the bodywork.

What also works well among wrap enthusiasts is the semi-wrapping: covering only part of your vehicle. This can be the rear, front, top or bottom 😉

Feel free to watch our videos on Youtube! We made a customwrapping on a Tesla, starting with a semiwrapping, and a finish with lots of details🔥

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#5 Tinting lights with headlight film-86749

#5 Tinting headlights with headlight film

In addition to adding style to your headlamps, headlamp films provide real protection for your lights, protecting them from scratches and the sun. Now you can look stylish on the road with gray or colored tinted headlights! And to add a touch of authenticity to your classic cars, try yellow headlight film 😉

If you're wondering which film to choose for tinting your headlamps, the answer is it doesn't matter, as long as it's thermoformable! In fact, the curvature of your headlights needs to be anticipated before installation. Thermoforming, as with wrapping, will help the film to follow your headlamp. However, it's best to choose a fairly light film for the front lights, and darker film for the rear lights. For colors, the only limit is your imagination ;)

Tinting your headlights is totally legal. You are totally free to apply tinted films to your rear lights. Tinting your headlights is possible, but subject to certain regulations: you have to let in at least 70% of visible light. Find out more in our article on tinted glass regulations!

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Black, yellow or clear headlamp film - whatever you like!

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