How to dechromate a car part or logo?

How to dechromate a car part or logo?

How do you dechroming a car? Find out below.

Dechroming is a technique that replaces the "chrome" of a logo or vehicle part with an adhesive wrapping. Thanks to this technique, you can give your car a completely new look, with a beautiful finish.

We've tested deciphering a car's initials for you, to show you all the steps to follow for a successful application.

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Step 1: Preparing to dechroming car-86658

Step 1: Preparation of the car dechroming

As with any application of wrapping, surface preparation and cleaning are essential for successful car dechroming. Without it, even with the best film from wrapping you won't achieve the desired result! 

Isopropyl alcohol (VO187) will help you degrease chrome properly with a clean, dry cloth. Insist on corners and grooves, where dust hides, then wait until the surface is completely dry. 

Step 2: Application of wrapping 3D-86659

Step 2: Application of the wrapping 3D

Cut a square out of wrapping film. The film must be thermoformable if you want to successfully de-chroming your car!

Remove the protective liner from wrapping and position it over the logo to be covered.

Using a heat gun, heat the wrapping 3D film little by little. Apply pressure with your finger so that the film conforms to the shape.

Be careful not to overheat wrapping with the heat gun, preferring a gradual approach. 

Then use a cutter at wrapping to cut off and remove the excess parts. 

What you need for successful car dechroming

For easy installation and perfect finishes, use the right tools 😉

Step 3: Finishing car dechroming-86660

Step 3: Finishing car dechroming

To complete the installation, don't hesitate to trowel with a trowel or finger to ensure wrapping adheres well to the chrome.

You can then adjust the cuttings with a cutter if necessary, and lightly heat-strike to "set " everything.

The little trick: the cutting wire (VO254) is also widely used in car de-chroming. Don't hesitate to use it to guarantee a clean, precise cut.

And that's it: you've successfully dechromed your car!

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How much does car dechroming cost? -86661

How much does car dechroming cost?

For car dechroming, the price varies according to the surface to be dechromed and the quality of the coating you choose. The price is generally lower than a conventional wrapping , as the surface area of the parts is smaller.

If you just want to change a logo, you can do it for free, simply using offcuts from wrapping. If you need more material, you can do it yourself for just a few dozen euros!

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