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Medium plus Obsidian 15 colour tablet

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Medium plus Obsidian 15

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Medium plus Obsidian 15

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Cutting to size


The more I buy, the cheaper it gets:

  • 2 ml
  • 6 ml
  • 16 ml
  • 30 ml


  • Solar protection: very good with 54% of solar energy rejected
  • French law compliance front windows: no
  • Range: premium
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  • Sun Protection
    57 %
  • Reflection Reduction
    84 %
  • Passage Of Light
    16 %
  • Uv Rejection
    99 %
  • Glass Breakage Protection
    50 %
  • Privacy
    84 %

The commitments Variance Auto

  • Cut to size

  • Professional quality film

  • Careful packaging

  • Shipment within 24 hours

Detailed description

Tinted film for your car: a real improvement in comfort

With the sun protection film Smoke medium plus 15, equip your car with tinted films to enjoy your journeys sheltered from the sun.

It is mainly appreciated for its colour, which provides effective protection from heat and prying eyes. By rejecting 54% of the sun's energy, the installation of solar film allows you to reduce the temperature in the passenger compartment and thus offer more comfort to the occupants of your car. In addition, the tinted film forms a barrier against glare and therefore protects passengers from reflections created by the sun or other cars' sentences. Finally, the installation of this film effectively delays the discolouration of your car interior and protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation on the skin.

In addition to its protection against the sun, the Medium Plus 15 tinted film ensures the privacy of people and property in your car. Even though it allows only 15% of the light to pass through, you still have a view from the inside to the outside.

Thanks to its black colour, this solar film gives your car a new look.

Important note: our supplier of Premium range car tinting film is the world renowned brand 3M. You may therefore find a small "3M" logo on your roll film and window tinting kit. If this is a problem for you, you can remove the logo with a soft cloth and window cleaner (or acetone).

Data sheet

Concept : Tinted film cut to size

Order your tinted car film by the linear meter. The films will be cut according to the requested dimensions in order to reduce your waste and to avoid the overstocking of your solar films for car. The tinted films Variance Auto are available in 4 different ranges: Premium, Essential, Security or Color ! Easily locate the authorized films on the front of your vehicle thanks to the green sticker!

Installation instructions

The brand Variance Auto

Variance Auto

Variance Auto is specialized for more than 10 years in the manufacture of tinted window kits. We offer, among other things, pre-cut and thermoformed solar film made to measure. Variance Auto is above all a team of enthusiasts and experts in the world of cars, who will be able to answer your questions and offer you the product adapted to your needs for your tinted windows. In order to guarantee your satisfaction, we do our best to offer you professional quality products at the best price!

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  • *****

    12 mars 2023

    Easy to install for construction vehicles

  • *****

    23 octobre 2022

    Corresponds to my expectations

  • *****

    23 octobre 2022

    Corresponds to my expectations

  • *****

    02 mai 2022

    Nothing, everything is perfect, good advice, good reception

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